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Mastering Manual Exposure

Level: Beginners
Duration: 3 Hours

Maximum Number of Students: 8
Requirements: Digital Camera with Manual Exposure Mode

What is the course about?

Are you looking to master exposure and step out of AUTO mode? In this 3 hour workshop we will take you through exposure fundamentals and explain the relationship between ISO, shutter speed and aperture, the keystones to exposure.

Gain the confidence to unlock the power of your camera and learn to control your light meter in Manual Exposure mode, when to over- and under-expose and, most importantly, be creative!

We will also cover the different metering modes (Matrix, Centre Weighted, Partial & Spot metering) and when to use them correctly.

What will we cover?

Manual Exposure mode
Exposure compensation
The Exposure Triangle
18% Grey Card
Metering Modes (Matrix, Centre Weighted, Partial & Spot metering)

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Skills Acquired

By the end of the course you will:
– Understand the principles of exposure
– Use Manual Exposure mode
– Know when to under- and overexpose
– Understand the Exposure Triangle


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