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LIoP Challenge – The Photography Bootcamp

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The LIoP Challenge has a single aim: to make every member of our community a great photographer.

It’s free and you can join it at any time. When you sign-up to the LIoP Challenge we will send you a new challenge by email at the beginning of each month and you have time until the end of that month to complete the assignment and submit your shot. At the beginning of each month we will celebrate the winner of last month’s Challenge together with the theme for the current month on this webpage and by email. If you want to see a full view of all submitted images, visit our LIoP Facebook page.

For each challenge our group of great trainers will put together a photography briefing that offers inspiration, tutorials and guidance, designed to stimulate your creativity, expand your technical expertise and help you push your boundaries.

Photography is all about learning to see (we know it’s a cliche, but it’s true!) and photographers who stick with the monthly challenge see real improvement in their work. By joining you will learn everything about their camera, improve your storytelling and, last but not least, train your eyes to see the world differently.
It’s all about consistency and by joining the LIoP Challenge, you make sure that each month you assign a certain amount of time for creativity and improving your skills during your busy life.

And it doesn’t end here!
If you’ll stick to the challenge for 12 consecutive months you will receive a voucher of £150 to use on any Individual or Professional Photography Course.

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This month’s LIoP Challenge: A Street

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