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In class, we like to teach and understand:
Why have you taken this image? What resonates with you? It is always intriguing as a trainer to see students return from the same assignment and each student has a completely different vision. This is what we need to tap into and keep questioning and this is how you start creating your unique style and voice.

Photography is a multidisciplinary medium and it can be important in more than one way. Scientifically, artistically, socially, as photographic evidence, memory. Some people use photography in order to explore or connect and understand their environment and its relation to yourself as with others.

For example, why are you taking this photograph?
Where do your interests lie?
What do you want the viewer to feel when they look at your images?
Where will your image be shown?

Naturally, many of us are taking many photographs daily and perhaps editing them there and then in Lightroom and uploading as social media content. Others are storing the memories and record or uploading to our iCloud to one day get around to putting them in an album! Aren’t we all.

Considering this question also helps you edit, take fewer photographs and really get to the point of what you are doing which is most satisfactory.

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