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Time to Think competition in association with Shutterhub and Festival Pil’Ours

Shutterhub showed the work of around 70 female photographers at Festival Pil’Ours in France last year and it was a great success, this year they need to really go big! They have infinite space to exhibit, so the more work they can show, the more powerful this exhibition can be. They need to reach as many female photographers as possible, they want to show variety and diversity, and they want to open up more opportunities for those involved.

Last year the exhibition was viewed by tens of thousands of people, Amber Magazine ran a feature on the exhibition, and this year they are offering coverage again, with space for articles on individuals as well as the group. The Festival coordinators will be looking out for projects to share in future solo exhibitions, and of course, there  be giving lots of coverage over on the Shutter Hub blog, and more! It’s a really great opportunity to share work, and, after the entry fee there are no other costs – Shutter Hub do all of the printing, delivery, install and promo. They are good like that!

All the entry info is available here, deadline soon – 20th May 2019 https://shutterhub.org.uk/call-for-entries-time-to-think-shutter-hub-exhibition-at-festival-pilours-france/

Also, Karen Harvey the Creative Director from Shutterhub is giving a Talk at LIoP Talks on the 5th July 2019. Pop it in the diaries. Becoming a member is really worthwhile, we know we are loving it here in London but of course, this can be accessed and used all around the world. We will be chatting more about it on our photography courses. See you all soon.




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