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What is your photographic style? What kind of photographer do you want to be?

Develop Your Photography Style with a Process of Elimination

So many choices from street photography, portrait photography, fashion, beauty, commercial, stock, lifestyle, natural, posed, documentary, photojournalism, food, product, advertisement – the list goes on and on, and in each one of these categories there are sub-categories too!

It is common in the Industry to hear that you need to have a very clear theme throughout your portfolio so that your client knows what your style is and what they will get in the end. This is a challenge – everything in your portfolio may seem exciting but what you need to do is start eliminating.

For example, I knew when I was in school that I didn’t want to study maths or the sciences, but that I was interested in people and humanities. Yet when applying this same line of reasoning to their photography, a lot of people don’t know what favourite subject is. If you don’t know what your “style” is in photography, or what interests you, editing your portfolio can soon become a very painful process . Some photographers dislike photographing in black and white, others dislike pastels, others vivid colours. Some dislike noise in their images, while others love the grittiness and rawness that noise brings.

So study the art of photographer and discover what type of photographer you don’t want to become!

At the London Institute of Photography, we encourage you to study the masters, then:

  1. See when your heart misses a beat and you want to run out and photograph in a similar style. Only keep the books that inspire you and get rid of the rest.

  1. Try and discover what areas you dislike in photography and do the opposite.

  1. Avoid doing what makes you unhappy. If you find one type of photography stressful, even if it pays well, consider giving it up as it will drain your creative energy.

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