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The word drone has received some good and bad press over the past number of years but we want to encourage you to take some fantastic aerial shots. If you have ever considered using a drone here are some helpful tips to get you started.

How difficult is it to fly a drone? Well, this is important and reassuring to know, if you completely let go of the controls, the drone does not have to take a head first into the landscape. It will just hover harmlessly in the air.

If you get completely awed and spend your time flying these drones and the battery diminishes, what do you do? Well, kind of like a Boomerang, if the battery gets to a certain level there is a feature for it to return to where it set off. Lucky!

There are rules to where you can fly your drone! You might have read those runway stories colliding with aircrafts!

Always fly your drone below 400 feet and your drone is within 500 m from your horizontally.
Never fly over groups of people
Keep your drone within direct eyesight
Never fly your drone near another aircraft or five miles from any airport
If fitted with a camera, a drone needs to be 50m from a person, building or vehicle.

Unless you want to pay big money there are drones that have inbuilt cameras such as GoPro or the Phantom 4 by DJI. These can fly higher than the recommended 400 ft, so watch out!

Your drone will have a controller with two joysticks. Ever play Pac- Man with a joystick in the late 1970’s! You can have a controller that connects to your phone or another device and look at the images you are taking. Watch out for the drone’s blades. The best way to avoid this is to angle the camera down.

Remember you can only fly drones in the daytime!

Keep in mind everything will be far away so your focus will be at infinity.

You might want to shoot in Automatic mode and then when you get comfortable then switch to manual mode.

Exposure Insurance! Bracket your photos.

Keep your camera under 100 feet for the best shots otherwise, your shots look like they are from Google Earth. In London, you can fly on Hampstead Heath and Blackheath. In Hackney, you need to fill out an application form. You cannot fly in Chelsea, Lewisham, Dagenham, Barking or Redbridge due to it being a congested area. Keep up to date as the UK government is planning on bringing in a registration for drones.

One major last tip.

Stay away from everything. Don’t go close to trees, power lines, buildings, etc.!!

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