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April’s recommended exhibition is on Diane Arbus in this really well curated Hayward Gallery situated on Southbank. There are over 100 images from this iconic photographer all in one space. All the classics that you will want to see in the flesh are there plus many of these images have not been seen in Europe before. So who is this Diane Arbus? She was born in 1923, to a wealthy family in NYC. She began photographing in fashion but quit on a Vogue shoot saying she could not do it anymore. Very soon afterwards, she found her signature style in portraiture (not in the studio) but on the streets and in 1967 her work was shown in the New Documents along with Garry Winogrand and Lee Friedlander, curated by John Szarkowski.

We discuss some her work in our photography courses in London and her name comes up on the portraiture course for sure. An important one to see plus linger in the fabulous Hayward Gallery.

To read more about the exhibition click on the link below. Note that the Hayward Gallery does not open on a Tuesday and it runs until 6th May 2019

Diane Arbus

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