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May’s recommended exhibition is not in London (where we hold our photography courses) but in Paris this month. And why are we recommending this exhibition? It is because it is the Master Luigi Ghirri.
We are absolute fans here at the London Institute of Photography and some of us have made a specific journey to go see this exhibition.

So what’s so great about it. This is the first retrospective of photographs taken outside his native Italy and focuses on the 1970s. It covers a decade in which Luigi Ghirri produced a body of colour photograph and this is unparalleled in Europe at that time. The curator is James Lingwood.

For Luigi Ghirri, the mediation of experience through images in an Italy torn between the old and the new was an inexhaustible source of study, “a great adventure in the world of thought and of the gaze, a great magic toy that miraculously reconciles our knowledge as adults with the fabulous world of childhood, a never-ending journey into the great and the small, in the variations that appear throughout the kingdom of illusions and appearances, labyrinths and mirrors, of multitudes and simulations.”

Go see it if you can. It is open till 02 June 2019 and on in the Jeu de Paume, an iconic cultural institution located in the Tuileries Gardens.

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