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Have you heard of Cindy Sherman? Well, her retrospective has opened and it is a must see. “Why?”, you may ask and the reason is: Cindy Sherman is one of the most influential artists of our time. She is the Master of Disguise and she exposes the deceptions of contemporary life if you look closely enough. She invents fictitious characters, photographing herself in imaginary situations, inhabiting a world of pure appearance.

Never is a better time to go and visit the National Portrait Gallery and see new and rarely seen work of hers.

As Exhibition Curator Paul Moorhouse explains,

“She interrogates the illusions presented by modern culture in such a penetrating way – or scrutinises so tellingly the façades that people adopt.  Probing the elusive connection between appearance and meaning, her work explores contemporary life – and with sharp observation exposes its deceptions.”

If you are interested in this discussion. Go check it out. it runs till the 15th September.
We like to discuss her work here on our photography courses at London Institute of Photography. We hope you want to too. See you soon!

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