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Our Fashion Photography Course is the hands-on practice you need to start your fashion photography career.

Fashion Photography Course

In this 4-day long course you are going to experience a real fashion shoot.
In a supervised environment we will guide you through the key organisational elements to ensure a quality result and provide you with the tools to organise your own TFP shoot.

Here’s how the course is going to be structured:

1- The Studio
First thing you need to know: how to use lights, when and how many.
They are the most powerful instrument to convey your emotion and your concept.
You will start from scratch learning how they work and practicing different lighting setups.

2- The History
We will run through a brief history of fashion photography and show you how the most famous names in the industry used their setups to create different signature atmospheres.
Comparing contemporary photographers and styles you will be able to recreate them and get references to start building your concept for the final shoot.

3- The Concept
Your concept is your idea, it needs to be strong and it needs to be clear.
Luckily there is a way to explain it perfectly and convey it to your team: the mood board.
We will run through all the key points in building an effective mood board and its importance.

4- The Shoot
Have your camera ready… this course’s final assignment will be a photo shoot!
Put into practice everything you’ve learnt and work with models, hair/make-up artist, and stylist for a unique experience with quality results that you’ll be able to use as a base for your own fashion portfolio.

See dates and complete syllabus of the course here.

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