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When we teach the Beginners class there is sometimes an understandable confusion between Focusing and Exposure.

The focus point is the area where we ideally select to be the focus point or sharpest point of the image. In a portrait it could be the eye is the sharpest point or in a landscape, we select 6 meters into the scene. Depending on the Aperture we chose will depend on how deep either side of that focus point will be in focus. Aperture 2.8 will be a shallow depth of field (a selected part will be in focus and the rest blur in front and behind) and F.22 will be a deep depth of field (everything in focus).

Exposure is the combination of ISO, Shutter speed and Aperture. Manual exposure is the key to get exactly what it wants as you can set the combination and it will not adjust if you move the camera afterwards. This gives you flexibility and exactly what you want in your photograph!

There is a rhythm of selecting first the composition, deciding what you want to be in focus, then setting the exposure and what you meter off and lastly, focusing.

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