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HAPPY NEW YEAR to all you lovely people.
We really hope you come up with some good New Year’s resolutions and
that we are part of it. At the London Institute of Photography, we are all about building community and for the final blog post of 2019,( in case you have missed it), we wish to remind you of what is going on at LIoP so we continue to grow, learn and love our cameras!

We have introduced the Masterclasses- Back to Basics. These are running every second month so keep an eye out for the blog posts. This is a way of understanding how each of these Masters began as these established photographers will allow you into their world and minds to help push your boundaries of creativity and maximize your potential. The next one is running on the January 13th -16th with Master Food Photographer Sue Atkinson. Whoop, whoop!

Check out our LIoP TALKS. We have now created quite the archive which you can visit and listen/watch. Just a reminder that the January TALK ONLY is not on the first Friday but indeed the 2nd Friday of the month and is with the very interesting Magda Kuca
Magda’s talk will explore the meaning behind incorporating historical processes into contemporary photographer’s practice, her journey, struggles and personal perspective on the value of reframing photographic history. First Friday’s will resume after January.

and lastly, if you fancy being in for a chance of receiving a £150 voucher to put towards a course…. enter the LIoP Challenge. All the images submitted are uploaded to a Facebook page and the winner is announced in a blog post usually the first weekend of the month. This month’s challenge topic is Silence. Good luck and we look forward to see your entries.

Wishing you a fantastic 2020

From the LIoP Team




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