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Good afternoon lovely people. We have exciting news and dare we say it so early, but a possible Christmas gift for yourself or loved ones.  We asked, we listened and here it is. We have a brand spanking new course: Smartphone Photography and Social Media Course.

The smartphone is now recognized as an artistic tool used by many leading artists. Even with no experience in photography, our two-day course, for iPhone and Android users, will bring your smartphone photography to life. You will learn how to master the world of social media, create your own signature style, whether for Instagram, or a website.

What the course covers:

Day 1

  • Fundamentals of smartphone photography: composition, focus, exposure, framing & use of light
  • Which smartphone make & model does what, and useful accessories, such as filters, lenses, and mounts
  • Creating your own, signature style
  • In-phone editing and the use of editing apps & special effects

Day 2

  • Why is social media so successful? How to make it work for you
  • Defining your brand/your visual style
  • Facebook vs Instagram, what are the differences?
  • Setting & achieving targets: more followers, more engagement
  • Special focus: uncovering the secrets of Instagram, from hashtags to algorithms

By the end of the course students will:

  • Take professional-quality photos on your smartphone
  • Use of your smartphone as a photographic platform
  • Develop your own, individual style
  • Edit your photos to highlight results and improve the quality of your images
  • Have sound knowledge of how social media works, and in particular Instagram



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