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“Of course, I know how to hold the camera… How difficult can it be?”

Photography School Tips: How to hold the camera

Well, like all things there is method in the madness and although we are going back to basics a little here, it will be worth it.

This is a crucial point when choosing a camera, and something we strongly encourage at our London photography courses…. Instead of just “So many colours, features, geeky gadgets”, have you considered holding a new camera in your hands, feeling the grip, and thinking about how well its size works for you?

Have you even noticed the grips on your camera or the way it is ‘carved’ out ? It has been built to be held and loved in a certain way.

In general, the left hand supports the weight of the camera and the right hand operates it. Sorry to all you lefties.

Your left hand can act as a platform, or dare I say tripod, palm facing up towards the lens. This is not just for you landscape folk but also for portraiture. This way, the right hand is relieved of the task of holding the weight of your camera, and so can operate the controls freely. This allows you to hold your camera straight: there’s nothing worse than unintentionally tilting up or down your camera. It also allows the thumb on the left hand to operate the lens.

Bracing your elbows close to your body helps reduce camera shake, also perk yourself up against something sturdy. That wall, tree, lamppost or bin never looked so good!

If nothing like this helps.. drop to the floor and place your camera on the ground with something under the lens to tilt it upwards. Your reward… spectacular perspectives and red kneecaps.

And just to end with one little extra photography school tip:

Ever wondered what that small wheel or lever next to the viewfinder is for? Mmmmm…  you did notice it…

While looking through the viewfinder adjust the wheel and you will see it will adapt to your eyesight to ensure less strain on your eyes as you keep fixed and focused on your subject.

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