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Would you like to see and

  • Put together a professional-grade portfolio book (A4 & A3) of your work
  • Have an excellent understanding of how to structure your portfolio, with the right image and layout for the concept chosen
  • Produce your own prints on a large-format Giclée inkjet printer?

We run this photography portfolio course at LIoP. It is a great way of displaying your work and understanding how to move forward when you want to professionally print. In fact, it is super important. This is another learning curve and it isn’t necessarily easy if you haven’t been shown how. What you do is bring 40 retouched images ready and then the rest is history.

Course outline:

  • Signature artistic & visual style
  • Portfolio types
  • Structuring a portfolio presentation
  • Colour management
  • Monitor & inkjet printer calibration
  • Print layout in Photoshop
  • Overview of inkjet printers & papers
  • The inkjet printing process
  • Finishing the prints: punching & scoring

Check it out here




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