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Portfolio reviews are a great way of getting feedback from experts in the Industry. It is nerve-wracking so being prepared is the way forward. Then you can enjoy the ride!
Here are some tips to get the best out of a portfolio review.

If possible, your portfolio should be a complete body of work with a solid vision. A maximum of 15-20 prints would be ideal. If you have just finished a course at LIoP you might want to bring three with max 10 printed images.

It is a really good idea to print your images. They can be A4 size. Using a print house like The Print Space or Metro Imaging ensures good quality. Think whether you want to use a border or not. The presentation is key.  The most popular way to show work is loose prints 11 x 14” up to 20x 24” (matted usually) inside a portfolio box. It is a good idea to have your prints the same dimension and reasonably flat. If you are showing a book dummy have your prints bound into a book.

Edit fiercely and cut down to 15-20 images but have a second box with extra images.

Select a reviewer which fits best for your work. Go to a photojournalist with a  conceptual piece and you might not get the reaction you want. Try research the reviewer beforehand and understand what you want to achieve from the review.

Include some of your inspirations – doesn’t have to be other photographers.

Take notes during the review or bring a tape recorder. 

Be ready to talk about your work and the concept behind it. Don’t make excuses for your work. Be patient.

Have questions for your reviewer. Have them written down in a notebook so if you forget you can go back and look. Have a business card or postcard with all your details to leave with them.

This is to help you. To give you ideas to ask questions. Don’t worry if you have just finished or unsure about a piece of work. This is what these reviews are about. At this year’s SHOW, we have 4 brilliant Reviewers on Sat 30th June you can choose from. Try it. They are 45 mins long so it gives a good length of time to introduce yourself, your background and to understand your projects.

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