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Cropping your photograph in camera or afterwards? This has been a long age debate with photographers. Some believe that the skill of the photographer is to choose the correct focal length, distance, composition in your camera at the scene and in an ideal world this is the case but sometimes, this is just not possible.

There are several reasons to crop your image after you take it and not feel guilty!

By adjusting your images afterwards, you learn more about your composition and your likes, which in the end make you a better photographer.

If the balance in your image is not how you would like it, a tighter crop might just be the thing.

If there is not a single message in your photograph. It might be unclear to the viewer what you are trying to say. Remove Distractions. Crop.

If the image is too safe and uninteresting, too much sky or foreground, you could crop it into a panoramic.

Cropping is a great technique to focus the attention of the viewer on specific details in the frame.

It can make your images more enigmatic or minimalistic.

If you find your reoccurring choices when taking/ editing photographs are to get closer you may have to invest in a telephoto lens or get closer to your subject. Scary… we know.

Remember: always check the resolution of your file. If the file is large enough we can go crazy!

Would you like to find out more?  We discuss all these tips and more on our Intermediate course

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