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Here is a whole array of different ways to understand the term– A Day in the Life of:

1. Duncan Raban:  Tina Turner
Duncan Raban accidentally got this job taking images of Tina Turner for four days. Tina Turner’s manager saw something different in Raban’s approach to photography when he witnesses Raban bringing a toy parrot to an awards ceremony with Madonna and others of that caliber and charmed them into getting fun images. Raban took this fun approach with Tina Turner arriving and staying full days with Tina Turner and getting to know the real her. You can see she is relaxed in front of the camera and it is about collaboration with the photographer and subject. As Raban beautifully discusses that he prefers working with film because you have to edit in the camera rather than in post. And, it is not about the trendy camera or the mega pixel size but about the content and emotion in the image that makes it a strong photograph. He suggests that a great picture comes from the heart and from your personality connecting with the subject. Film for him is magical.


2.  Phillip Toledano:  Days with my Father

This is a touching, tear jerking 3 year project where Toledano connects with his father in his last years. He documents his father’s loss of short- term memory. He decides to photograph many images with shallow depth of field creating a softness and gentleness to the images. The viewer can only connect. Toledano adds text to his images and this only adds to create a lump in your throat. Stories about his father and why he cannot understand that his wife (Toledano’s mum) had died. Due to the photographer having  to keep explaining and reliving the death of his mother to his dad,  Toledano finally, fondly told him that his wife had gone to Paris to look after his brother. Simply beautiful and touching.

phil toledano

3. Jenny Lewis: One Day Young
Jenny Lewis is a cool mother living in Hackney and out of wanting to tell a story about women post- childbirth she created the project ONE DAY YOUNG. Not only Lewis thought this was an important project but thousands around the world who have bought her book published by Hoxton Mini Press. Using natural daylight, Lewis creates beautiful images 24 hours after a woman gives birth. This joy, this love, this victory is captured in the images. This is about support. Support of the mama’s and community. Check out this beautiful book. http://jennylewis.net/one-day-young/one-day-young/2735


4. Sophie Calle
We love Sophie Calle. What an amazing photographer/ artist! We are not sure if we would get away with the things she has done so cleverly. How brave is she? She met a man at a party and he said he was moving to Venice so she moved to Venice and followed him. She went to the extent of persuading a woman who lived opposite to this man into her home to photograph from her window! She is trying to understand, what it is to observe and to be observed? Another project is she requested that her mother book a private detective to follow her on a particular day. Not only was she interested in the Private detectives notes of what she did but her own comments of what it felt to be followed.


5. A Day in the life of the World
Where were you on the 15th May 2012? This photo project was called ADAY.org and the world was invited to take an image on this day and submitted them to a global documentary project. Why? So many image won’t be seen….. so many moments.
There were three broad categories.
Work and

This is about creating an amazing archive that everyone can feel they creating, helping, there is a purpose in their image. The fun thing is that there are different time zones. The aim is an archive, a website and finally a book.


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