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This month’s challenge is Autumn Colours. The landscape is one option to create wonderful, majestic images but this week’s Top 5 is exploring others ways of interpreting this theme. We look forward to viewing your images.

  1. Nadav Kander
    He photographed the actor Eddie Redmayne for The Guardian. he used a wonderful backdrop of warm yellows and reds, and cool greens and blues. Kander is a well-known photographer and he is a Prix Pictet winner. He has published several books on being his award-winning series about the Yangtze river. He has photographed portraits from President Barack Obama, David Beckham, Bill Gates, Brad Pitt, and Hillary Clinton.
  2. Carr Clifton
    He is a landscape photographer. Clifton believes that there is beauty in national parks and that although there may be lots of imagery already out there, that there is much more left to capture. He thinks landscapes are always changing and always revealing new parts of themselves.
  3. Ryan McGinley
    Born Irish- Catholic in New Jersey, he is the youngest of eight children and grew up with a wide range of interests. He photographed his friends and he was the first one at the time documenting these almost snapshots of his childhood. Similar to Nan Goldin or Larry Clarke.  McGinley selects sitters for their physique unlike other photographers before him, who responded to the sexual energy between sitter and photographer (Mapplethorpe or Goldin). “I’m interested in the body types I find in 1970s porn. There you see ordinary men and wholesome women who resemble the boy and girl next door.”
  4. Rachel Liu
    She travelled back to her home country China where she uncovered her family albums. While working with these photographs, she realized that while these images offer a moment of truth and connection to a past that she was so longing for, they simultaneously conceal from her as much as they reveal. She paints on the pieces. This recreates something more than the family album and changes the meaning.
  5. Zoltan Vancso
    Vancso started out as a street photographer. He has been shooting for over thirty years and is now changing direction. A walk in a forest left him impressed by the invisible soul of it. He is interested in finding scenes that stimulate people’s fantasy. He is from Hungary and holds workshops there.


Nadav Kander

Carr Clifton

Ryan McGinley

Rachel Liu

Zoltan Vancso

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