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Practicing or working in black and white photography is a great way to train your eye in seeing. There are different tonal qualities in black and white – some images can have high contrast while others can be a grey overall tone. This is up to you as the photographer to use your imagination and see shapes and shadows to create some wonderful black and white imagery and to illustrate this.

Here are our top 5 Black and White Photographers to inspire you.

  1. André Kertész
    This man is a legend. He is known for his choice of compositions and for contributing to the photo story. His first camera was in 1912 and was an ICA box camera. His family was against that the idea that he worked as a photographer and wanted him to work in business. He ignored this and ended up in Paris. He worked for several magazines but when he reached America his wife Elizabeth had to support him. He had not been commissioned for jobs as he used to take fewer images and edit them himself. He started taking images from his window.
  2. Nobuyoshi Araki
    Araki is Japanese and he has always been known as an erotic photographer. The thing is he also takes super good personal sensitive stories.  One beautiful and sensitive book he made is called Sentimental journey and it is about his wife Yoko. He said making these images were instinctual rather than shocking like in his erotic work. She, unfortunately, died from ovarian cancer in 1990 but she played a significant role in the controversial photographer’s exploration of both Eros, or desire, and Thanatos, death, two themes which remain central to his work. It is very powerful.
  3. Chris McCaw
    “In the beginning, after that first experience in 2003, I began experimenting with burning film and printing the resulting burnt negative in the platinum palladium process.  The results were very interesting yet very confusing. The film negative has solarized into a positive and I then printed that into a final print with a negative image.” Chris’s work is abstract and beautiful. He is self-taught and he is currently working on the boundaries of analog.
  4. Joakim Eskildsen
    Not all Eskildsen’s work is in black and white. He studied in Helsinki in 1971 and now lives and works in Berlin. He has had numerous solo and group exhibitions. He also has a number of works in collections. His photographs seem to have a level a patience and immersion in the physical detail of exploration and also the basis for adventure or for knowledge. He makes books also. Check out our LIoP exhibition review at Polka Gallery Paris about his work and to see more.
  5. Jim Richardson
    Jim Richardson is a photographer for National Geographic Magazine. He actually hosts very costly but looks amazing workshops with National Geographic.  Richardson has built a distinguished body of black-and-white documentary work about rural Kansas life. You can buy a whole host of his images online and his photographs display warmth and inclusion. Under her personal work on his website, he shows his images from his Iphone explorations.

André Kertész

Nobuyoshi Araki

Chris McCaw

Joakim Eskildsen

Jim Richardson

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