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I know we all talk about the art of not being materialistic but there are things in this life as photographers that we become obsessed about. You know them. It could be love, travel, self portrait, underwater photography, family.

These are our 5 Top – Cannot live without.

1 – Love
Mario Giacomelli

Mario-Giacomelli 1 Mario-Giacomelli 2

Mario Giacomelli trained initially as a typographer: painting on weekends and writing poetry. He was inspired by Fellini and taught himself. His work is striking and graphic.
His image A man, A woman, one love taken in 1960-1961 sold in Christies for £3750.
Though Giacomelli physically manipulated his images he gave the sense of film and was trying to make us and him empathize with his subjects through the contrast he uses and movement. Giacomelli described his photographs as “Images to remember, for my own reminiscence and for those who wish to escape from the day-to-day existence, from everyday life’s stupidity.”

2 – Play
Elena Kalis


Elena Kalis is an underwater photographer and definitely cannot live without water. She is from Russia but now lives in the Bahamas. She feels that people look more graceful and free under water and this is something for her that cannot be captured on land in the same way.
She photographs with a Canon camera wide angle and a 50 mm lens and uses a red underwater colour correction filter. With the abundance of light and sunshine she doesn’t need to use extra flash. Each of her images portrays story telling and fantasy and she has a great body of conceptual underwater photography.

3 – Self portrait
Vivian Maier

Maier 2 Maier 1

Born in New York City. Worked as a nanny all her life. She was very private lady who left behind an archive of over 100,000 images. 2000 undeveloped rolls, Her work was discovered by John Maloof who found her work in a local thrift shop and brought it to the public attention in 2007.
Maier’s first camera was a modest Kodak Brownie box camera with one shutter speed, no aperture and focus control. In 1952 she purchased her first Rolleiflex camera but she used several other cameras. Sadly, she never knew how famous she has become.

4 – Travel


Is the most amazing shop of a collection of equipment and hundreds more products on there way. With over 500,000 followers on Instagram they are ones to watch. They are updating their website as we speak. Check them out! There is writing, travelling, film and life. We love, love, love.

5 – Family
Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon

Nicholas Nixon has taken portraits of Brown Sisters every year for 40 years.
Nixon takes a picture of his wife and three sisters with the same camera every year and normally all he has to ask is to stand closer. They always stand in same order from 1975-2014. His work was shown in the Museum of Modern Art. We see the sisterhood and bond plus collaboration with the photographer but also the aging process and time.A beautiful and timeless work.

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