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Wabi Sabi is the Perfection in the Imperfection and it is a Japanese concept.

Top 5 – Perfection in the Imperfection – Wabi Sabi

It has been associated with Japanese tea ceremonies. What are the characteristics of the Wabi Sabi? Examples could be roughness, a slight crack, or asymmetry.

Three rules to consider:

  1. Nothing lasts
  2. Nothing is finished and
  3. Nothing is perfect

These are all good things to remember when taking your photographs!

There is an excellent book published by Leonard Koren titled “Wabi Sabi for Artists, Designers, Poets & Philosophers” in 1994. Here you will get a good idea of Wabi Sabi translated for the Western Audience.

Toshirō Kawase – Ikebana
Still Life


Toshiro Kawase was born in Kyoto in 1948, and he received a degree from Nihon University College of Art. Nearly, thirty years later he went back to Japan and studied Floral arranging. Here is a wonderful series that have been described as “portraits of Japan in flowers”.

Zaira Zarotti – The Freaky Raku
Still Life / Lifestyle photography – Ceramics

freaky raku Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 14.11.16

Zaira Zarotti / webpage
The Freaky Raku / Instagram

Raku ceramics is created by Zaira Zarotti and Francesco Pettena based close to Venice in started this project in 2016. They use natural materials and the concept of Wabi Sabi run throughout their work. The Raku technique is a manual technique and goes back to the Japanese art of tea ceremony (born by chance and a technique used for roof tile production). Zaira and Francesco believe it is this exact imperfections that make a piece unique. They sell their work to all clients around the world. Check out their wonderful online shop.

Nigel Shafran

nigel shafran 001book

Route to the darkroom

Shafran’s interest is now in the commonplace and his narrative and language of images are almost melancholic in state.. He was known in the 1980’s for radicalising fashion photography and was part of the London creative in 1980’s Corinne Day (Found Kate Moss) and Juergen Teller (strong flash)

The still life details of everyday living scenarios are so interesting he creates such an interesting narrative that is so subtle. He wants us to recognise the mundane. The everyday. The lived in. There is a connection with all his images and they work in sequence.

Laura Letinsky
Still Life

laura letinsky07_HardlyMoreThanEver_10_1999-1024x800

Laura Letinsky is a Professor in the Department of Visual Art at the University of Chicago since studying a Bachelor Fine Arts in 1986 and Master Fine Arts from Yale University’s School of Art. She concentrates on still life now and is known for this. She is examining the personal and the political and uses the home as it creates an intimacy. She doesn’t want the images to be just viewed on the screen but encourages viewers to see her work on the wall as she states her work is about looking at her images but also the feelings and sensations. You can find references from Dutch painting and writings by Freud.

She has extensive exhibitions and you can find her writings on photography on her website.

Wolfgang Tillmans

Wolfgang Tillmans shot

Wolfgang Tillman’s latest large exhibition, covering numerous rooms and topics in an organised but changeable layout that finished in June 2017 at the Tate Modern. He is a very important German artist always pushing the boundaries to create works that can be quite literal, to sculptural to abstract. It is the way he places the photography pieces together which make it work and interactive. He uses extremely large prints clipped onto walls, nailed on walls, taped or tables to look down and read through glass fronts.

Importantly, Tillmans is the first non-British to win the Turner Prize and an important contemporary artist to know.


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