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Taking images with one main tone or colour might sound like an easy challenge but it is actually quite tricky to do it.

As always look at the “frame” and decide what you want to tell and why and then move around that, choosing the right focal length and exposure to achieve the effect you want.

Here are our top 5 to give you some inspiration

1. Robin Ek Inner/Visions

This piece is about the dreams of Robin Ek and how he envisages the world ending. What is interesting is the juxtaposition of a portrait with these lights, taken in portrait form they illustrate looking behind someone which might be – what is ahead of us. The photo of the light is taken with an unfocused lens.

2. Tim Walker

He is just fabulous and a must at looking at his creations. He was a first assistant to Richard Avedon in America. Walker often chooses a monochromatic effect on his images and mainly blue but this series of Marion Cottilard in red are so striking! Walker is a British fashion photographer.

3. Francis Giacobetti

Francis Bacon is an Irish artist who lived in the UK, who’s image was taken by Giacobetti. Bacon’s work is often seen as violent. “Violence is part of human nature. Even within the most beautiful landscape, in trees, under the leaves the insects are eating each other; violence is part of life.” Giacobetti took inspiration from Bacon’s work and created his own monochromatic triptych. He uses strong colours.

4. Eliska Kyselkova

Our own trainer at LIoP created this fashion image for a jewellery brand. Eliska is Czech and lives in London. Her style transcends the boundaries of classic fashion photography into her own artistic expression.

5. Luca Tombolini

Tombolini is Italian. He was studying humanistic studies before meeting an influential photographer who taught him large format. Since 2011, he has been photographing on large scale. he is interested in primordial places, looking at ideas like the Self, the Unconscious,  and the perceived reality.

Robin Ek

Tim Walker

Francis Giacobetti

Eliska Kyselkova

Luca Tombolini

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