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In today’s day and age, where almost any information you require is readily available on the internet, why would you physically attend a photography course or workshop?

Top Four Reasons to Learn Photography from an Expert

While you can definitely learn many techniques and technical tricks via Youtube or other sites, online tutorials usually stay there, online. It’s fun to watch, fun to learn, but do you really know how to apply creative lighting or macro stacking in a real-life situation? Enter a photography course, where you can receive professional advice and so much more.

Here are our top four reasons to rely on expert, in-person guidance to make you a better photographer.

Personal feedback

One thing you can never get through Youtube is personal interaction and feedback. It’s a one-way medium where someone explains a concept to you, and that’s where it stops. You cannot try it out, ask questions or get input on your performance.

When attending a course, you have a teacher that readily answers questions, expands on topics if there is an interest, and supervises you as you try out different techniques.

This leads to a much more interactive session, which sparks creativity and inspires you to take your craft to the next level. If there is a workshop, you will also immediately go out and practice what you learned, which helps you both understand the concept and retain the information you recently picked up.

Creative collaboration

Unless you are specifically taking a one-on-one course, you will have other students learning together with you. This creates a great dynamic where you get different points of views and angles on the same assignment; this is great for expanding your mind to other possibilities.

You also learn from others’ mistakes, as the course progresses. This can help you master the field or subject much faster, as you don’t have to experiment your way forward.

During a course you also get to know other photographers, which can be invaluable if you plan on working as a professional photographer. Networking is vital in any business, and having friends and acquaintances to enlist for projects in the future can be a great benefit.

Get access to professional equipment

Even if you are an avid photographer, it’s unlikely that you have a full studio setup at home. Taking a fashion photography course, for example, allows you to gain experience in a real studio without having to shell out several thousands of pounds for equipment. Reflectors, umbrellas, strobes and flashes are all essential to a studio setup, but quite expensive if you are just starting out.

There is also a possibility that you will get to try out shooting with pro cameras (such as full frame) and lenses, which can be a very interesting experience. If you are a hobby photographer, it’s unlikely that you will buy a camera for £4000, but having the experience of shooting with one can be very valuable.

Learning from a Master

Learning directly from someone who has many years of experience in the field is a huge advantage. You’ll have the opportunity to observe, and pick up the tips and tricks that are hard to put into words, as they come naturally to someone used to handling clients and equipment.

Working with a professional will also help you refine your distinct creative vision and style, and at the same time get inspired by the passion of your teacher.

Any course worth its salt will have great personal support, where the teacher can assist you with anything related to the course.

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