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Creativity, something that according to some artists is a characteristic you either have or not.

Unleash Your Creative Spark By Taking A Photography Course

The ability to express your innermost thoughts through art, whichever form it may take. A dancer expressing complex emotions, a writer inviting you into a whole new world, a photographer surprising you with a new angle of something mundane; they are all artists in their own way, and have found a way to convey emotions or new perspectives through their craft.

So what if you do not feel very creative? Perhaps you have a technical mind, and think that creativity is simply something for someone else?

On creativity

For many, having a creative outlet is not an option but a need; being able to release emotions instead of having them bottled up. A feeling may be something that can be hard to put into words, but through art anything is possible.

Stimulating one or more senses of another person can be a gratifying experience, both for your own wellbeing and others. But even if you only practice your art for your own enjoyment, it’s time well spent.

We all have the creative spark inside of us, it’s part of what makes us human. It may not be cultivated and recognised as such, but it’s there, and with some time and practice you can learn to bring it out.

Find the spark

So if you want to explore any latent creativity, you’ll need to find an art form that you enjoy. Start simple: take a photography course, dancing lessons or maybe a writing workshop. Explore different art forms to decide what makes your brain tick until you’re ready to go ahead and invest in the equipment or tools needed for more advanced practices.

Throughout it all, maintain an open mind and be prepared to try out something new before passing judgment.

Cultivate your creativity
Once you have found something that you do thoroughly enjoy, run with it. Get tools you may need, spend an hour everyday practicing and take more advanced courses. Find out what your peers are doing, get inspired by visiting websites and reading magazines dedicated to your field.

Set up a small project, with a definable goal, and work towards completing it within a reasonable time as you practice your skills. This can be anything from participating in a play to writing a short story. This will help you maintain momentum and hopefully give you a great sense of satisfaction when you successfully complete your goals. Over time you’ll be able to look back at you work and see your progress.

Get feedback

If you haven’t already, get feedback on your work from someone with experience in your chosen field. This does not mean that the other person is right and you are wrong, but if there are technical aspects you can improve on, this person will hopefully be able to point them out to you.

Take risks

Start taking risks with your art, and don’t be afraid to fail. Challenge yourself to be imaginative, brave and authentic, and continue to push yourself on a technical and creative level.

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