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A Tripod… the battle with a tripod!

Why to use a tripod

A Three – legged stabilizer for your camera.

Do you use it, need it, want it, or definitely, no way, out of the question NOT?

It is true, some photographers can feel very constricted with a tripod and others might argue that this is what separates the pro from the beginner photographers (who would not bother with the cumbersomeness of it).

Options, choices and decision-making are key factors in photography.

Sometimes less is more for example a photojournalist or documentary photographer would not necessarily use a tripod. Trying to be as compact as possible using as little equipment for weight but also to be less conspicuous. This includes photographers taking documentary style weddings, portraits or family.

But a Tripod is definitely needed for some styles of photography and here are some examples:

  • night photography
  • or low light conditions without the use of flash,
  • some portrait,
  • long exposures to create motion blur
  • or food, product or lifestyle.

Another consideration in deciding whether to use a tripod could be that it makes you slow down and it actually (in a positive light) gives us time to compose our images. When using a tripod we tend to move around our subject more, look, take an image, consider, reconsider and when we have found the composition we like, we can then lock it into place.

Another consideration is that a tripod could be used for camera placement so if we want to capture low level images or above eye level, you don’t need to lie on the ground or get a box or step ladder to stand on.

What type of tripod should you use? Before buying any, we would recommend renting the different types of tripod heads or venture into one of the bigger camera shops to try out the different styles. They feel different and like the feel of the camera in your hand, you want to be able to adjust it easily to you.

Choosing a tripod can be an overwhelming experience! There are so many!

Consider the

  • Weight for sturdiness, landscape versus study versus travel.
  • Tripod height and if it has a boom arm.

Types of head types: Gimbal Heads , Ball-Heads, 3-Way Heads.

Sirui and Manfrotto are two brands we recommend:

As a light travel tripod we recommend the Sirui T-025X, made of light carbon fibre and folds to an astonishing 30cm!

If you’re looking for a great allrounder that can take a beating it has to be the Manfrotto 055 series, probably the most popular tripod every made.


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