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Professional & Advanced Photography Course

The Professional Photography Course can be completed in two ways, either tailored to a flexible schedule within 2 to 9 months or full-time over the course of 10 weeks.

What is the Course about?

The Professional Photography Course is comprised of 10 modules, guest lectures and group reviews. It is aimed at beginners, university students and aspiring professionals who want to take the complete journey to reach a professional level for personal or career reasons.

Taught by award winning advertising photographer and university lecturer Holger Pooten, the Professional Photography Course provides individual mentoring and guidance, and emphasises your personal work and artistic development.

During your studies at the London Institute of Photography, you will be in continuous contact with the profession through workshops, lectures, exhibition visits and meetings. You will learn how to promote yourself, acquire clients and the business skills necessary to succeed in the industry.

This professional-level photography course focuses on developing your knowledge and skills in areas that are most demanded by the professional market: acquisition of essential shooting techniques, image management, retouching, digital printing, developing an artistic identity and visual style, setting up a professional website, and creating a printed portfolio.

Upon successful completion of the Programme, every student will receive an individual webpage, a portfolio and a printed certificate.

Modules (click on the links to see module syllabus)

Beginners Photography
Intermediate Photography
Fashion Photography
Street & Documentary Photography
Portrait Photography
Still Life Photography
Photography Careers
Web Design for Photographers
Portfolio Printing

Mentoring Sessions
The Mentoring Sessions are held in the relaxed and informal atmosphere of our studio and are an essential part of the Professional Photography Course. Using a range of creative techniques, they offer an opportunity to discuss each student’s background and ambition, create an individual photography style, work on your portfolio in great depth and finally evaluate areas to develop after the programme.

Guest Lectures
During the Professional Photography Programme we invite two established photographers from different ends of the professional spectrum as guest lecturers to learn about their work as well as their inspirations and what made them the photographers they are now. We will also talk honestly about the obstacles and challenges they faced at the beginning of their careers and the advise they can give to aspiring professionals.

Exhibition Visits
London’s unique art scene offers a fantastic opportunity to study the work of key practitioners of a wide field of genres. During the exhibition visits we to examine the concept, the context, style and presentation and draw inspirations and conclusions for our own work.

Flexible Professional Photography Course

The Flexible Professional Photography Course is suitable for students in full-time employment or with family commitments and allows them to tailor their own schedule and complete the 10 modules and the mentoring sessions within a period of 2 to 9 months. Students can choose from the entire range of weekday, evening and weekend modules (see Courses Calendar) in the order that suits them best which allows to complete the Flexible Professional Photography Course entirely on weekends. We are happy to create a personalised draft schedule for you, just send us an email to contact@liop.co.uk.

Full Time Professional Photography Course

The 10 week Full Time Professional Photography Course follows an elaborate schedule and allows students to reach a professional level within the shortest period of time. The modules alternate between daytime and evening modules: first week daytime module (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, 10am – 4pm), second week evening module (Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, 6.30 – 9pm), third week daytime module, 4th week evening module etc. plus Guest Lectures, Exhibition Visits and Group Reviews on Wednesdays. During weeks when modules are taught in the evening, students are encouraged to engage in personal work during daytime hours.
Download a sample Full Time Professional Photography Course schedule here


Flexible Professional Photography Course

Schedule can be tailored by the students within 2 to 9 months

Paying in full: £3,595

Paying in instalments: £3,800
£950 at checkout, then £950 at the beginning of week 4, 8 and 12 after the beginning of the course

Flexible PPC, £3,595

Flexible PPC, £3,800 (in 4 instalments)

Full Time Professional Photography Course

Duration: 10 weeks

Paying in full: £3,495

Paying in instalments: £3,600
£900 at checkout, then £900 at the beginning of week 3, 6 and 9 of the course

17 Apr – 23 Jun 2017, £3495

17 Apr – 23 Jun 2017, £3600 (in 4 instalments)

22 May – 28 Jul 2017, £3495

22 May – 28 Jul 2017, £3600 (in 4 instalments)

26 Jun – 1 Sep 2017, £3495

26 Jun – 1 Sep 2017, £3600 (in 4 instalments)

31 Jul – 6 Oct 2017, £3495

31 Jul – 6 Oct 2017, £3600 (in 4 instalments)

4 Sep – 10 Nov 2017, £3495

4 Sep – 10 Nov 2017, £3600 (in 4 instalments)

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I am a beginner – do I have any chances of being accepted on the Professional Photography Course?


Of course! We welcome beginners, more advanced participants and professional photographers alike on our Professional Photography Course.

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I wanted a course that gives me a deep knowledge of the different photography genres and the Professional Photography Course delivered exactly that.

– Sylvia Jenkins / Professional Photography Student

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