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The London Institute of Photography offers intensive training in fashion studio photography, still life, portrait, street and documentary photography as well as Photoshop, Lightroom and portfolio courses.

Portfolio Printing Module

Duration: 2 Days or 4 Evenings / 10 Hours

Requirements: A Laptop (PC or Mac) with Photoshop or Lightroom CC, CS6 or CS5 installed, a selection of around 40 final retouched images ready for print

What is the module about?

All the materials required to successfully complete the module will be provided as part of the Professional Photography Course. This module covers all stages of the production workflow from selecting the right photographs, conception and planning, to layout development and a large-format Giclee inkjet printing.

The portfolio books we use for this course are of a high standard and can be used as part of a professional presentation. They allow for a flexible order of the individual pages and can be amended afterwards.

What will we cover?

Artistic and Visual Signature
Types of Portfolios
How to structure a Portfolio Presentation
Colour Management
Monitor and Inkjet Printer Calibration
Print Layout in Photoshop
Overview of Inkjet Printers
Overview of Inkjet papers
The Inkjet Printing Process
Finishing the Prints (punching and scoring)

Skills Acquired

– Own a professional grade portfolio of your work (if booked with materials)
– Be able to produce your own inkjet prints
– Have an excellent understanding of how to structure your portfolio presentation

Evening Modules:
Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, 6.30pm — 9pm

Weekend Modules:
Sat & Sun, 10am – 4pm