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Still Life Photography Module

Duration: 4 Days / 20 Hours

Requirements: Digital Camera with Manual Exposure Mode

What is the module about?

The Still Life Photography module is designed to empower you to work independently in the studio environment and introduce you to the key elements of Still Life Photography: Lighting, Composition and Styling.

You will encounter professional work situations and shoot complex Still Life sets under realistic conditions which include slipping into the role of the photographer, assistant, client and stylist.

The module also covers a range of expert skills used in commercial photography: shooting tethered with integrated post-production, working with reflectors and subtractors to shape an object with light and imitating daylight.

Every day two different topics are introduced: pack shots, food photography, glass, artistic still life, metal, conceptual etc.

What will we cover?

Introduction to Still Life Photography
The key elements: Lighting, Composition and Styling.
Flash and Ambient Light
Studio Equipment and Light Shapers
Grey card and colour correctness
Reflectors and Subtractors
Controlling Reflections and Specular Highlights
How to organise products within a group
Different groups of objects (food, glass, metal) and how to photograph them
Introducing Key Practitioners
Concept, Planning and Execution of a Still Life shoot
Introducing the Post-Production Workflow

Skills Acquired

By the end of the module you will:
– Be able to conduct your own Still Life shoot in the studio and on location
– Have mastered the key elements of Still Life: Lighting, Composition and Styling
– Produce a series of different Still Life Photographs for your portfolio

Daytime Courses:
Mon, Tue, Thu & Fri, 10am — 4pm

Weekend Courses:
2 weekends, Sat & Sun, 10am — 4pm