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Holger Pooten

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Institute of Photography offers intensive training in fashion studio photography, still life, portrait, street and documentary photography as well as Photoshop, Lightroom and portfolio courses.


I have just attended the Beginners Photography Course at the LIoP. I am entirely satisfied. Anna was an excellent teacher. The content of the course was very good, structured and packed with lots of information.

Ozlen Bilen

I’ve just taken the Beginners Photography Course with Holger and can’t stop raving about it – worth every penny! I would recommend the London Institute of Photography to anyone – in fact I already have…

Delali Foli

I wanted a course that gives me a deep knowledge of the different photography genres and the Professional Photography Course delivered exactly that.

Sylvia Jenkins

I really enjoyed all of my courses with you; you are obviously an incredibly talented artist, but also a gifted teacher, and I really appreciated your candor, gentle but constructive feedback /criticism and patience.

Amanda Reynolds

I just wanted to personally feedback how useful and inspirational it was for me. I got so much out of the weekend and thought you did an excellent job. Thanks so much for the inspiration, advice and further energising my interest in photography.

Gary Netherton

Thank you for everything, I really learned a lot about the language of photography and on the technical aspects, also thank you for the links and for valuable advice. The course was very professional and fun!

Alessandro Lacoponi

I can’t thank you enough for all the advices along the months, Holger, you have been my main mentor… so, thank you!

Helene Djebiri

Your feedback is always spot on.

Kathryn Faulkner, Central Saint Martins

Thank you for a very insightful class, your analogies were very helpful for understanding various concepts, especially for branding, I definitely feel a lot clearer about how to go about this… needed that foundation. Your work rocks and so does your teaching.

Bapi Chakraborty